Jan 1, 2012

Christmas fun

This year was so great in that we had the whole family in town. That hasn't happened for years and years. So, it was a busy, happy, fun time. We did the Nativity but we had so many children that we didn't have parts for everyone. Many of the older boys and the babies were happy to sit it out
The angels
 The wise girls
Mary, Joseph and the donkey

The whole cast--complete with Trey & Zack as the sheep

Our 3 little wise guys:

Family pictures under the tree
 Reed & Allyson
Tom & Kristy
Christie & Darren
Trav & Allison (where's "Waldo-John")
Jer & Liz
Kim & Daniel
John & Laura
It is a wonderful memory now. We loved having everyone here!


Just a few more highlights of 2011.
Kristy sent me this picture of Isaac and TJ doing an early morning baptism for the dead excursion. I love this
We got to tend while Kim & Daniel took a couple of  days for their anniversary. Allyson took the baby and we had the other four. It was fun  to have them here. I took them to the water feature in Highland for one day but James was bored and Kylie spent her time trying to help him have fun
but Tyler and Ben had a great time.
To make up for this lack of real water for these swimmers, grandpa and I took them to the pool the next day where they all had fun.
Justyn is following in his grandpa's footsteps and is taking a college credit class this year in home construction. They are building a house--top to bottom--and  Justyn loves it.
They are doing the drywall  now. He, like grandpa, isn't particularly fond of the plumbing part. This experience will be a great benefit to him we think.
I took our two oldest granddaughters to experience one of my loves--that of musical theater. Jenna and Lucy and I went to Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I thought that would be one that would keep their interest and it did.
We had a great time. Jenna and Lucy kept laughing all the way home about different parts. They said "Grandma, this is the  best play I have ever been too!" It was so fun
We had a great trip to Yuma for Tyler's baptism. One of things we discovered there was how much Averie is a natural teacher.
She loved teaching Ben and he loved it  too. After we got to go to Fred and Megan's pool and had fun in the Yuma sun.

 There were other highlights, like band concerts, but alas, Yuma was where I left the camera. Looking forward to 2012

Dec 4, 2011


There has been a serious setback in my picture taking abilities! I left my battery charger in Arizona. Sad day. So, I don't have everyone's Halloween pictures. But the ones we have are fun, so here goes:
The Pratt family
Tom & Kristy family
Grandma & Gracie at her Halloween party
John & Laura's family
 The Jackson 5
Trav & Allison family

 Lots of fun costumes! Unfortunately we don't have Jer & Liz family or Reed & Allyson's. They came to our party, but those with the camera had already left. So, next year!


We had two special baptisms this fall. The end of September was Logan's turn. He was baptized and confirmed by his dad. It was a very special day for a very special young man.

Then we were privileged to go to Yuma to witness Tyler's baptism. He was so excited to be baptized. He also was baptized and confirmed by his dad. It too was a very special day for another very special young man.

We are so thankful for these two boys and for their 4 other cousins (sibling) that all chose to get baptized this year.

Aug 21, 2011

Day 3

The last day of our reunion was spent here at our home. Kim got everything ready for family pictures, baby blessing and a dinner. Whew! Lots of work, but everything worked out. So, pictures are major! They are just great to have though. I look at these pictures and can remember the grumbling, murmuring, the jokes and jabs (especially from the rocks), but oh, what good times. Here is the best of my best
The boys--handsome little guys!

Our cute girlsReed and Allyson familyTom and Kristy familyChristie and Darren familyTrav & Allison family
Jer and Liz familyJohn & Laura family  Kim was so busy taking everyone else's, she didn't have time to get their own family. I am waiting for her to send one to me so I will be complete here. The ones she took of everyone are better than the ones I took, but it is fun to see different ones sometimes.
After a beautiful baby blessing given by Daniel, and a yummy dinner, we had the talent show. Here are some highlights
Nicole drew a beautiful picture followed by Joshy's card tricks
Sydney showed us a story she had written and illustrated

 Gracie showed us her ballet moves. She was helped by Charli and Alyssa
Izzie did a dance that Lucy helped her with
Averie told jokes
followed by Addie
JD did the Pledge of Allegiance
Then our little Olive did her danceShe was followed by our pianistsJenna LouIsaac T,and Taylor Rae. Our talent shows big finale was Justyn. WOW!It was a great night. (Sorry I am missing pictures of some of the talents and hope that if any of you have some, you will send them on and I will do a postscript to this post. ) So, our reunion now is just a great memory. Thanks to all for the meals, sacrifice of time and means and the willingness to actively participate and for the love you all show to each other and each other's children. What great role models they all have. After all, it takes a village to raise a child!