Jan 1, 2012

Christmas fun

This year was so great in that we had the whole family in town. That hasn't happened for years and years. So, it was a busy, happy, fun time. We did the Nativity but we had so many children that we didn't have parts for everyone. Many of the older boys and the babies were happy to sit it out
The angels
 The wise girls
Mary, Joseph and the donkey

The whole cast--complete with Trey & Zack as the sheep

Our 3 little wise guys:

Family pictures under the tree
 Reed & Allyson
Tom & Kristy
Christie & Darren
Trav & Allison (where's "Waldo-John")
Jer & Liz
Kim & Daniel
John & Laura
It is a wonderful memory now. We loved having everyone here!


Kimmy said...

I wish we could have stayed longer...I sure do miss everyone. Thanks for a great Christmas mom. Christmas just wouldn't be the same if we didn't have it at grandmas.